Ellene Lampros 
Naturopath|Herbalist|Flower Therapist | Chakra Therapist
Mobile Practitioner|Owner of K.I.S.S Naturopathy

Welcome to K.I.S.S Naturopathy

K.I.S.S stands for "Keep It Simple Sweetheart". I have made my service as a naturopath & energetic therapist as simple as possible. You can come to me at my home office OR you have the option of me COMING TO YOU!
That's right, I can come to you at home or where ever you are most comfortable. 
I do this for two reasons, because it works so well for me as your practitioner, as it gives me the whole picture of your health, further making your prescription and consultation tailored especially for you.
As well as equally benefiting you. You don't have to put the kids in care or try and keep them quiet in a clinic, be stuck in traffic and or rush around on public transport AND you get to have a full consultation while still wearing your PJ's if you want.
I'm here to make your health journey as simple and as fun as possible!


Ooohhhhh my favourite tool in my tool belt. My energetic services consist of:
Chakra Balance - Get ready to get close & personal with yourself. This 2.5hr session gives a clear look at each chakra through a comphrensive multiple card reading & the issues surrounding it. A crystal meditation to clear & open each chakra & send you into a blissful calm state. Where we finish with our final card reading to get conformation from your angels on the next step.
Oracle Card Reading - Have a question that you need an answer to? Don't know which direction to go? Ask and you shall get! Your guides will assist me to create the space necessary for you to get the answer you need to hear.
Pendulum Clearing - an extremely indepth reading using my pendulum. We, with the permission of your guides & higher self, can cover past lives, stuck emotions, health & so, so much more.

and of course, my very own . . .

Ellene's Flower Magic! - These essences are hand made in Brisbane, & produced exclusively on the New & Full Moon Cycles. These little bottles of love are made with Australian Bush Flower Essences, crystal grids, chromotherapy, reiki energy, purified Australian water, Australian brandy, buckets of love & a whole lot of magic!​


To me, Naturopathy is holistic health. That means that everything is connected and encompasses your mind, body and soul.
Your emotional state will directly affect your physical state and vice versa. It is very important to me that as part of my consultations the clients have a clear understanding as to why their health may not be where they want it to be. Education is a key part of my practice. I believe that when you give somebody the right tools they will be able to achieve their goals on their own. I am here to guide & support my clients health, not too do it for them. That way, when the clients learn to take responsibility for their health and become more self- aware and are able to make educated decisions regarding their health for themselves and their families!

My focus with any client, first and foremost is DIET & LIFESTYLE! The reason for this is it doesn’t matter how many supplements you are taking, or how zen you may think you are, if your diet is high in sugar, caffeine and alcohol and your lifestyle has you working 70 hours a week, smoking and chronically stressed then how can we improve and get the results you deserve for your mind, body and soul?
And here’s a little secret … Diet and lifestyle are also the two things in your life that won’t cost you the earth to change!


I specialise in health and well-being for all, but I have a special love for helping people rediscover their light and happiness by putting themselves and their health first. 
Working with people who suffer from stress and anxiety. As well as helping parents to better understand their child through diet, education and play.
I use a combination of tools to assist your body to heal itself; such as - Nutritional Medicine, Nail and Tongue Analysis, Practitioner Quality Supplements, Dietary Analysis, Herbal Medicine, Counselling, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Iridology, Compassion and Empathy.​​​

I grew up in a Greek Australian household, where food was and will always be the focus of everything.
My father owned a take away shop where he did all the cooking and my mother made all the sweets for their shop.
My father had always struggled with his health. One year in particular he was experiencing some digestive issues. When he went to the specialist he was prescribed the wrong medication, causing huge and catastrophic damage to his health. Life as we knew it, would be completely different.
After years of watching my father’s health worsen, and I was starting to recognise similar symptoms in myself, so I decided to take action. I knew that when my dad ate certain foods he felt worse but then he would other foods and felt better. There had to be something more to this.

When I left high school I began work in a childcare centre in Sherwood, Brisbane, where I worked for 6 years then  spent a year being a Nanny for two families. While working in childcare I noticed so many children and parents constantly unwell and extremely run down, and what should take no more than a few days to get better the kids and the whole family were staying sick for weeks.
The lunch boxes for the children came packed from home, and the majority of the food the children who would get recurrent colds and flu’s would eat were all very similar diets.
My love of food and love of health became stronger and I needed to know more about what it is about food that can make you feel fantastic or like absolute doggy doo.
In 2012 I began my Naturopathy course, where my love for nutrition grew and she developed a new love of herbal medicine and a special place in my heart for Flower Essences. These are the tools I utilise in practice today and focus my treatments on.

I believe you really do not appreciate your health until it's taken from you or a loved one.

These experiences have taught me to truly value and take care of my physical, mental and emotional health, as they are all equally important. It has shown me to always give people the love and respect they deserve. It has also given me the drive to want to educate, assist, support and guide people onto a stronger, happier and healthier self!

You are not just another number. You are important!

Everyone deserves to feel heard, accepted and loved, no matter what!

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